Wednesday, August 4, 2010

THE ZOEINATOR (Rachel's back!)

So if you are like me, you have been patiently waiting by your t.v. for months to discover the answers to some of our generation's most befuddling questions:

Did Rachel really fire Taylor ?
How many bow ties does Brad own?
How many Chanel pieces does Rachel own?
How many times will Rachel use the word "bananas" this season?
Will Rachel's definitions of the words "bananas and die" be included in the dictionary?
Will team Zoe keep it together during award season?
Can we see Rachel's full closet?

OK..fine. Maybe not our generations most important questions but equally important. All of these mind boggling questions will be answered in the season of "the Rachel Zoe project"..answers so surprising, you might just- die.
I saw the first episode yesterday, she never disappoints. Love her!

I also found this video on her website, too funny. I die!

I love this show (I admit that proudly), my tuesday nights from now till the end of the season are occupied. So if you need me, it's unfortunate. Reschedule.

bye darlings,
j'adore x

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