Tuesday, July 20, 2010

falling for fall

OK, this is my last post about fall for a while, I ll try.
I have always thought of myself as a summer child but this summer, I am looking forward to fall.
So, I am want to share with you some fall trends that can be modified for summer.

Chloe Sevigny. I love her, her style is and as always been young, edgy, down to earth, effortless, cool and innovative.
She is very on-trend in this picture. (love the leopard print) Socks, sky high wedges, cropped sweater and nice fitting denim shorts. What I love the most about this outfit - it works for summer, so yay!
that makes me very happy.

When I think of cool and effortless, I think of Rag and Bone immediately. Does it get any more effortlessly chic than a  pair of lace up boots, tucked in sweat pants and a cropped sweater, but for summer, skip the sweater for a floaty, breezy, cropped, tank top.

*outfit to be posted*
The icing on the cake: her hair! The I- just- rolled out of bed - naturally amazing- feel. Now I am missing the days that I had longer hair.

Versace. The color of her bag and currently in the color of my nails. It is such a happy, bright, and warm color. Why wait till fall? I can't think of anything more summery.

Chartreuse shoes. Mixed print from Balenciaga; how daring do her eyes look? love it!


Also from Balenciaga. Something I would love to recreate: bright colors and neutrals. Chartreuse shirt, layered with a neutral crochet sweater.

That is all for now,
my next post will be about summer pieces/outfits that I can't live without,
I will post pictures later this week.



  1. I love the Chloe Sevigny shoes so cool and all the other choices/pics are fab!!! Love it!!!!

  2. I'm loving the Versache outfit. Thanks so much for the suggestions on my blog! Lotsa love ;D