Thursday, September 9, 2010

My September issue

The september issue of many magazines have hit the stands, in response, I am making my own September issue of everything fashion related.

I am so devastated that I can't attend FNO (fashion's night out) this year. I had been looking forward to it all year. Flying to New York has always been magical for me and I get teary eyed when I leave, I can't go this year because I am saving up for Teen Vogue fashion U in October (I hope I get in). Still sucks :( I am consoling myself by ordering a t shirt.
And following everyone that is attending obsessively on twitter.

Leopard print is in - big! Though I don't always love animal prints (I saw a few episodes of Jerseylicious that traumatized me).  I am a fan of these Jefferey Campbells Platform clogs. These shoes can make a basic skinny jeans and t-shirt combo look amazing or a nice crisp, white, sundress. Ideas!

They are my next purchase.

so the weather has finally gotten better, it's still Africa hot but a little windy. So I can wear pants, which is good, I can only live in shorts for so long.

I originally wore this outfit a few weeks ago but it was hot and by noon I was sweating. I can wear my cargo trousers, I love them!

I rolled them up, I just love the way the trouser drapes and the pockets - divine!
Favorite wedged summer sandals.
Cropped top, Earrings; vintage. Sandals; Roxy. Pants, Glasses; Forever21.

Editor in Chief, Anna Wintour officially launched Vogue's website. It happened, I am adding it to my daily reading list.'s FNO ad

5.) Alexa Chung for Madewell
see video above. 

 Oh, how I love this outfit! I found it on a week ago, it just reminds of the pieces I want to wear later this fall.


My new topshop eye makeup. So pretty. I am ordering it now! .

Random fact.

This has absolutely nothing to do with fashion, but it was a good lunch so I took a picture and the food looked really pretty. I had lunch at the craftsman's house. It is basically a scented oil shop, meets pottery shop, meets gallery and a Cafe. It's eclectic; if you are ever in the Tampa bay area, visit!

9.) Best September issue cover
 Love this cover, it is like old hollywood meets Cleopatra. See any similarities.

Lanvin for H &M
After weeks of anticipation and confusing the hell out of me my trying to guess who the designer was, they finally announced Lanvin as the new collaboration. I couldn't be more excited; Lanvin is fantasy, glamour, uber feminine, and usually admired from a distance because I can't afford it.
Which is why I am so excited about this H&M collaboration. For a supposedly metropolitan area, Tampa doesn't have an H&M or American Apparel, yet it has everything else - strange. So, I will driving for an hour to Orlando but it will be completely worth it. It will be available in stores November 20th, four days after my birthday. My birthday gift to myself.
share image Lanvin's Alber ElBaz explains the collection at


I just realized it's 10:18 and I have a lecture at 11,
sam x

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  1. Love this post!!! We must hang out again sometime soon!!! I love your outfit, the cargos and shoes are perfect love your crop top!!! I've been wearing pants at least once a week you should definitely check out my latest post(I'm wearing jeans). BTW I've been wanting to go to the Crafts man Gallery(The food looks so good!!!!)