Thursday, June 10, 2010

Print Purple

I love the V shaped back of the dress

Dress + earrings, forever21. Xhilaration bracelet. Scarf/Wrap, Vintage. Shoes, Fioni

I haven't posted anything in so long, school has kept me busy but never again will I wait this long.
This is a very Sunday outfit for me; meeting my friend, Beryl for coffee. Starbucks is a genius for creating their Caffe Mocha.
I am completely on board the graphic, tribal, ethnic - insipired clothing train; that explains the dress, it gives me an excuse to flaunt being African. Purple shoes. Purple scarf. It seemed a bit much for me, but I love that purple scarf so much, I will find any excuse to wear it. It is basically my go to piece. looking forward to posting more from my summer wardrobe.
sam x


  1. Love the vintage purple scarf! (But then again, I love almost all scarves...)

  2. My name is in your blog!!!!!!!! hehe :))). Sammy more photo shoots for you to come! Love eet! Hi emily! see you tuesday!